Alt = a person stands, one in wheelchair by a cross and Disability Ministries Committee words.

Getting Started with DisAbility Ministries

We believe that all people, including those with disabilities, are created in the image of God and have sacred worth. We believe that it is vital to the body of Christ to celebrate the spiritual gifts of people with disabilities and incorporate them into the life of the church. Through advocacy, education, and empowerment, we are striving to fully include people with disabilities in worship, missions, leadership and ministry – throughout the United Methodist Church. We invite individuals and local congregations to join us in this vital ministry. Reverend Eric Pridmore, 2018

Alt Text = DisAbility chairperson raises arms in praise at United Methodist Women 2018 Assembly
DisAbility Ministries Chair, Sharon McCart

And look at this!  Some people came in, carrying a paralyzed man in a chair.  They wanted to bring him to Jesus, but they were not able to find a way in because of the crowd. So they went up onto the roof and let him and his chair down through it!
— Luke 5:18 


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