New Resources and Connections

March 12, 2019

In 2018, the 13-year-old Disability Ministries Committee came under the umbrella of the Council of Bishops, with Bishop Peggy Johnson of the Pen-Del Conference as its liaison.

 “We will continue to build an inclusive church, welcoming the gifts and meeting the needs of United Methodists with disabilities under our reorganization,” said chair Sharon McCart.

One of the visible changes is a new website,  “It has practical tools and a robust search feature. North Central Representative,” Debby Newman said. “Our goal is to help readers find practical information their churches can use.” Popular topics include,

·         Accessibility for buildings, grounds and technology

·         Camp accessibility success stories

·         Donating through the UMCOR Advance #3021054

·         Education (workshop presentations and curriculum)

·         Grant information (where and how to apply and recent recipients)

·         Ways to Welcome All

·         Worship and Disability Sunday ideas, with hymns, prayers and scripture

·         Blog posts and News

In addition to the website, the DMC continues to work with the Association of Ministers with Disabilities, Mental Health Ministries, the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Committee. The joint groups will co-sponsor legislation for GC 2020. They recently created a brochure for church leaders and congregants, which is available to print at the DMC and the UMAMD websites. These ministries are all action oriented. Their connection goes beyond committee work.

“Being in relationships with diverse people enriches us and the church as a whole,” said Deacon Leo Yates Jr.

“There is a vision here, a vision of the Body of Christ being complete and whole and shining like the sun in a dark world,” added McCart.