Faith United Methodist Church is Certified Sensory Inclusive

by Kathy Schmucker – June 20, 2019  

KultureCity recently partnered with Faith UMC in North Canton, Ohio, to make church, worship services, programs and events sensory inclusive. Faith promotes an accommodating and positive experience for all, including those with sensory issues.

Over 80 staff and volunteers Faith UMC were trained by leading medical professionals on:

  • how to recognize those guests with sensory needs (or feel overwhelmed)
  • how to handle a sensory overload situation
  • how to use sensory bags, with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and weighted lap pads.

Kits are available for use by all guests who feel overwhelmed by the environment.

The church also has quiet areas for persons who need a break to rest and calm themselves during worship services and church events.

KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to revolutionize and affect change in the community for those with sensory needs; including persons with autism, PTSD, dementia and related disabilities. Visit for more information. An upcoming DMC Voice newsletter will feature sensory disabilities, including more information about Faith UMC and their sensory certification process with Kulture City.

(August 12, 2019): a follow-up article in the East Ohio Conference newsletter, with more information is now available here.

Sensory kit from Faith UMC: a bag, labeled, sunglasses and fidgets can be seen; there is also a sign on a table explaining the kit.
Sensory kit items and bag at Faith UMC

(Submitted by Kathy Schmucker, Faith United Methodist)