Keeping connected with love

by Eve Newman

I am writing about what the Flames group at Centennial United Methodist Church in Roseville, Minnesota, has been doing lately to stay connected. Last summer, we made puppets together. Then we were practicing for a show for Centennial and General Conference. It was cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus.

Now one of the Flames, my friend Chelsey Ellering, does a Face Time chat once a week with us and a few moms. We talk about what we are doing to stay active. A few pets show up too.

Pastor Brian Hacklander led a class with a Zoom meeting on the computer. We talked about the Resurrection of Jesus and God’s promises to be with all of us, like during these times when we can’t get together. It was fun seeing some of my friends via Zoom. We sang a song together and talked about what is new in our lives. We went around and shared our feelings. We watched a video of CHUCK KNOWS CHURCH together about the Resurrection.

Our leaders are making cards kits and delivering them to us. We color or paint, add stickers and put the cards all together. We send them out to older people at Centennial United Methodist church!

some colorful cards on a table

We are all doing things to stay connected as friends, through phone calls and e-mailing with each other and sending letters of encouragement to each other.

(The Flames are teens and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, who have been in ministry at Centennial UMC for over ten years. Most had part time jobs or attended adult day programs before the Corona virus changed our lives. Being in service is still a vital discipleship faith builder for the Flames and others. We still plan to perform the puppet show, later.)