Committee Members

alt text=DMC committee members in yellow shirts and smiling
Disability Ministries Committee Annual Meeting 2017

The Disability Ministries Committee (DMC) consists of volunteer jurisdictional representatives, including at least one person representing a Central Conference, members at large, a Mental Health Task Force representative, consults, and liaisons with these United Methodist agencies:

  • General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR)
  • Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Ministries (DHM)
  • Association of Ministers with Disabilities (AMD)
  • Council of Bishops

Please contact us at our DMC e-mail address to get in touch with a member who can help you with resources and information.

Note to Committee Members.

Committee Representatives

  • Josephine Akambo, West Congo, Central Conference
  • Gio Arroyo, liaison, General Commission on Religion and Race
  • Melinda Baber, Western Jurisdiction
  • Jonathan Campbell, liaison, United Methodist Association of Ministers with Disabilities
  • Yvonne Caughman, Northeastern Jurisdiction

    Yvonne Caughman
    Yvonne Caughman
  • Justin Hancock, South Central Jurisdiction

    Justin Hancock
    Justin Hancock
  • Debbie Hills, Committee Chair, Northeastern Jurisdiction

    Alt text = member  chair Debbie Hills
    Debbie Hills
  • Rebecca Holland, Committee Secretary, Northeastern Jurisdiction

    alt text = Rebecca Torres Holland smiles
    Rebecca Holland
  • Peggy Johnson, liaison, Council of Bishops

    Bishop Peggy Johnson
    Bishop Peggy Johnson
  • Vickie Johnson, alternate liaison, Mental Health Task Force
  • Mimi Luebbers, North Central Jurisdiction

    Mimi Luebbers (photo)
    Mimi Luebbers
  • Sharon McCart, liaison Mental Health Task Force

    alt text = Member MHM liaison Sharon McCart
    Sharon McCart
  • Eve Newman, self-advocate, North Central Jurisdiction

    alt text = member Eve Newman
    Eve Newman
  • Rev. Eric Pridmore, Southeastern Jurisdiction

    alt text = committee member Eric Pridmore
    Eric Pridmore
  • Lasander Saunders, liaison, United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministries

    Lasander Saunders
    Lasander Saunders
  • Lynn Swedberg, consultant

    Lynn Swedberg, a light-skinned woman with shoulder-length dark hair, eyeglasses, and a smile
    Lynn Swedberg
  • Tim Vermande, webmaster

alt text = committee media Tim Vermande
Tim Vermande