alt text = Woman gives woman in wheelchair a disAbility award
Sharon McCart and Naomi Mitchum, advocates for accessibility and full inclusion of all (2017)

Connect with Disability Ministries Programs

Connect with Disability Ministries to learn more. Or connect with your jurisdictional representative or liaison. One of our volunteers should respond within 48 to 72 hours.
Will you  donate to Disability Ministries or volunteer? Please select the links below.
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Contact us for information
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Disability Committees by State

Where and how to Donate personally or at a Sunday offering  to the UMCOR Disability Advance, this committee or locally

Volunteer – There are two ways to volunteer and get involved with disability ministries. Consider contacting the contact listed for your state’s Disability Committee and/or complete the application form at the volunteer page and send it to us.

Find a Church near you that is accessible and welcomes all people, including people with disabilities.

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