When you donate, you make a difference. You help churches to be accessible. When you donate to the Advance #3021054 Disability Ministries:

  • Church entry ramps, lifts and elevators get constructed.
  • Sensory equipment and toys enrich childrens’ play areas.
  • Grants may pay for speaker fees for programs. These include Disability Awareness Sundays and Workshops. This eases small church budgets.
  • The DMC Website and social media stay current and accessible.
  • Volunteers who consult and do church audits can be paid for mileage and materials costs.
  • You help churches and conferences find United Methodist disability resources.
  • News gets updated weekly at the Disability Ministries blog.

Ways to donate money to Disability Ministries, an important yet unfunded UM program:

The DMC partners under the General Commission on Religion and Race. Because volunteers provide many hours to produce resources, most are free. With your gifts, the DMC funds GRANTS for programs. Also, when you donate, the DMC can pay part-time staff. Since we receive no assistance from general funds, we need your help.

  • Please share part of your church’s annual Disability Ministries Sunday to Disability Ministries. In addition, some churches give part of their Christmas or Easter collection to UMCOR Advance (ADVANCE # 3021054). Note Disability Ministries Committee and #3021054 on your donations. alt text= cross and flame "advancing hope in Christ's name" to donate
  • Also, donate on-line to the Advance #3021054.
  • Contact your local representative or Annual Conference Disability Committee. Ask how to donate to specific projects in your area.
Thank you for supporting Disability Ministries