UMCOR Advance

UMCOR Advance #3021054 provides resources and funding for churches to empower and equip persons with disabilities. Funds are distributed by The Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church. The DMC formed in 1992 as the National Task Force on Developmental Disabilities, and became a Committee in 2013 through General Conference action.  Donations to the Advance help fund seed money grants and consultation for programs and projects. Ten volunteer jurisdictional members and liaison members from related agencies lead this effort. Past grants have helped fund:

  • Church entry ramps, lifts and elevators
  • Sensory equipment and toys for children’s play areas
  • Cost reimbursements to DMC volunteer members and consultants related to consulting and audits for churches
  • Speaker fees and materials for church programs such as Disability Awareness Sundays and Workshops
  • DMC Website (and social media) hosting, development and maintenance
  • Connecting churches and conferences to specific United Methodist disability ministries and resources

Help others today with your donation to the Advance #3021054.

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Advance 3021054 empowers and equips persons with disabilities