Obtaining your Disability-Friendly and Accessible Badge: Silver

Obtaining your Disability-Friendly and Accessible Badge – Silver


We certify that our congregation scored at the Silver Badge level based on completing the 2019 Annual Accessibility Audit for United Methodist ChurchesBy downloading this badge and accepting this “Disability-Friendly and Accessible” designation, this congregation commits to continuing to remove barriers of architecture, communication, and attitudes so that people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of worship, leadership, ministry, and mission.  We agree that the Silver Badge statement reflects our church facilities as well as congregational values and practices.

Silver (Satisfactory accessibility and accommodations) – The church has many accessible features and offers accommodations for persons with a variety of disabilities including hearing loss and limited vision.  Silver level items may cost a bit more and take more effort to put in place.  While some areas are not yet fully accessible and inclusive, it is clear that the congregation is working towards accessibility.



Annual Conference

Audit score: Bronze ___/32 = ___%; Silver ___/20 = ___%; Gold___/7 + ___ (bonus) = ___%

Person downloading badge:

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Congratulations on the hard work your congregation has done to get to this point!  Use the badge on your church website and print or digital media to let potential guests know of your access and intentionality.  Door decals will be available soon. 

Let your congregation, Administrative Council, and Annual Conference Disability Concerns Committee know that you earned the badge, and include the information as part of your Charge/ Church Conference report.

Please send this page, when completed, to information@umcdmc.org.  You can scan and send it, or copy it into the body of an e-mail.  You will receive a password to allow you to download the digital badge.  We will ensure that the badge is added to your Find-A-Church site at UMC.org.  Thanks for helping us track the number of congregations who earn badges and thanks for being disability-friendly and accessible! 

DONATE!  Please strongly consider making a donation to the DisAbility Ministries Committee of the UMC through The Advance for United Methodist Churches # 3021054 in order to assist other churches to make accessibility improvements!