DMC Grant Recipients

2019 – 2020 Grant Reports

The Disability Ministries Committee (DMC) offers grants up to $1000 for accessibility and church programs. These grants help promote inclusion of all people. In 2019 – 2020, two United Methodist churches received grants. Visit Grants to apply for a 2021 grant.

Fun Equipment Aids Ministry at University Heights UMC

alt txt= green flying saucer swing and dinosaur

Ways to engage and encourage all children to “come to church” were met with accessible playground equipment at University Heights United Methodist Church.

Children and teens with disabilities had struggled to participate in worship services. For example, some of them have sensory and behavioral needs. Through an $830 grant from the Disability Ministries Committee of the UMC, their church created safe and accessible spaces. Church member Mike Hilgert shared, “With the funding, a playground was equipped with sensory equipment. It is for activities and games and teaching appropriate calming behaviors if over-stimulated.” The items are especially helpful for youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
In addition to benefiting this Indianapolis congregation, Siloam Ministry for Supportive Service’s helps the local community. The new ministry is off to a good start in their goal to be inclusive to all. Hilgert says, “One child on the Autism spectrum loves the flying saucer swing. He spends most of the ministry hour on it.”
Once the Covid 19 pandemic subsides, the congregation looks forward to in-person activities again. Then, they believe their Siloam ministry will be sustainable and continue to grow.

Platform Lift in Cadiz UMC Sanctuary

“You will never know how much we appreciate the $1000 that we were awarded. It will help make this lift available to our immediate church family,” wrote LaNell E Bell. For example, now the congregation can fully include the 10% of their congregation with mobility limitations. After the lift was installed, more members participate in worship, leadership and choir.

In addition, Cadiz which is located in Kentucky, hosts several groups. Now, regular youth and self help meetings, special events and other community  activities are more accessible.

2018 Grant Reports

First United Methodist Church in Mena, Arkansas
Man in wheelchair uses auto door opener
Joe Mannon – First UMC

“I have a spinal cord injury and am confined to a powerchair,” Joe Mannon, a Mena UMC Arkansas, congregant shared. “Opening a door can require quite a bit of physical exertion. In addition, the automatic door has made my life easier. Thus, it prevents isolation, eliminates embarrassment, discomfort and fear. I can enter the same as everyone else.”  Also, Joe said people carrying books and families with small children in tow have benefited. The Disability Ministries Committee funded $700 of the $1500 pad style door opener.

Flames of Faith & Principio Churches
Group next to elevator
Flames of Faith UMC, N Dakota

Flames of Faith UMC in West Fargo, North Dakota made repairs to their lift, using a $700 grant. Principio UMC in Perryville, Maryland used DMC funds for a lift. Both churches are accessible on multiple levels. ”Since the lift was installed, members that could not climb the steps have returned,” member Kitty Abers reported.

St Andrews UMC in Orangeburg, South Carolina
Toilet, Grab Bars, Sink
Accessible Family Restroom at St Andrews

“We have several members who use walkers or canes,” said Ronald Tumblad at St. Andrews.” An ADA compliant facility makes it easier for members and visitors to use the rest room. For instance, we have a member who in the past was wheelchair bound.” Before the renovation, he could not attend services. “Because,” Tumblad said,  “we did not have bathroom facilities to accommodate him.” DMC contributed $500 toward the ADA compliant bathroom.

2018 Funded Grant Requests
  • Flames of Faith UMC,  West Fargo, North Dakota – Lift
  • Mena First UMC, Mena, Arkansas – Automatic Door Opener
  • Mount Pleasant UMC, Terre Haute, Indiana – Healthy Eating Program
  • Principio UMC, Perryville, Maryland – Outdoor Lift
  • St. Andrews UMC, Orangeburg, South Carolina – Accessible Restroom
  • Trinity UMC, Ralston, Nebraska – Automatic Door Opener
  • Twin Falls UMC, Munroe Falls, Ohio – Accessible Restrooms
  • West Salem UMC, Mount Vernon, Illinois – Automatic Door Openers
 2016 – 2017 Funded Grant Requests
  • Centenary UMC, Oklahoma, South Carolina – Accessible Garden
  • Discovery Church, Lanesboro Minnesota – Community Program: Being in Ministry with People who Have Disabilities
  • Fort Street UMC, Georgia, Mississippi – Ramp
  • Good Shepherd UMC, Madison, Alabama – Elevator
  • Honeye Falls UMC, New York  –  Lift
  • Raymond UMC, Mississippi  –  Bathroom Renovation
  • St. Andrews UMC, Upper Hill Maryland – Lift for 108 year old church
  • United Theological Seminary, Ohio  –  Promotional Materials for Disability Ministries Certificate Program
  • Usher Valley UMC, Mississippi – Ramp