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The Voice of the UMC Disability Connection has in-depth articles about current news and topics. Churches and other UMC organizations with programs and practices that include people with disabilities share their challenges and success stories in the Voice newsletter.
  • December 2023: Year-end report
  • June 2023: Mental Health: journey, supporting pastors on leave, advocacy
  • November 2022: DMC grants and funding
  • May 2022: Autism 101
  • March 2022: Mental Health: opioids, UMC beliefs, Mental Health Ministries
  • December 2021: Mental Health: long-haul Covid, Wounded Healer, MH First Aid
  • Fall 2021: Grant funding, resources, and consultation
  • September 2021: Mental Health: Suicide and Grief
  • Summer 2021: Members of DMC
  • May 2021: Mental Health Month
  • October 2020: Accessibility is the heart of the kingdom, accessible voting, seeing and meeting needs during Covid-19, ASL worship reaches globally, in memory of James McIntire
  • July 2020: ADA 30th anniversary, intersection of racism and disability, dismantling ableism
  • April 2020: Coronavirus: on-line accessibility, health care advocacy, outreach with members with intellectual disabilities, praying without words
  • March 2020: General Conference proposed legislation and plans
  • December 2019: Gluten-free accommodations, respite care, DMC moves to GCORR
  • July 2019: Disability-Friendly and Accessible Badge program, The Feast, Deaf-friendly worship
  • February 2018: Employment-related ministries: training, jobs, networking, and “day-hab”
  • November 2017: DMC work, need, resources, funding, members
  • Fall 2017: Mental Health Ministries joins the DMC, conference and congregational MH ministries
  • Spring 2017: Disability ministries and outreach in Central America, Bolivia, and the border
  • Fall 2016: Churches provide housing through remodel, group home, supportive apartments
  • Summer 2016: Supporting siblings, children, and parents of people with disabilities
  • March 2016: Conference accessibility, ableism, captioning, event accessibility coordinator, tool kit
  • Winter 2014/ 2015: Invisible disabilities: safety with food and fragrance allergies/ sensitivities
  • Fall 2014: : Inclusive children’s ministries, Messy Church, adapting for sensory overload
  • Summer 2014: United Methodist Women Mission u disability study & resources, DMC updates
  • Winter 2013/ 2014: Disaster and emergency preparation that anticipates disability needs
  • Fall 2013: Kenya Deaf mission trip and partnerships, EDAN conference, ministries in Asia
  • Summer 2013: Joint meeting of the DMC and Association of Ministers with Disabilities
  • May 2013: Camps: challenge courses, autism workshop, ADA pool regulations, job creation
  • March 2013: National and regional interfaith disability coalitions address mental health, inclusion
  • January 2013: Building a comprehensive dementia ministry; DMC social media
  • November 2012: Spiritual supports for people with intellectual disabilities; Jo D’Archangelis
  • September 2012: Intentional hospitality; Kenya mission trip; 2012 Task Force meeting
  • Summer 2012: Certification; Institute on Theology & Disability; Disability open mic; Deaf camps
  • April 2012: General Conference legislation, website, and Conference disability committees
  • March 2012: Pastors in Deaf Ministry, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Committee, communication access
  • February 2012: Medical equipment loan; occupational therapist & parish nurse roles in ministry
  • January 2012: Church accessibility; working with trustees; platform lifts
  • December 2011: Adapted inclusive worship: multi-sensory, Rejoicing Spirits model, resources
  • November 2011: Ministers who are blind; Web accessibility, Ministers with disabilities meeting
  • September 2011: Models of ministry with homeless persons, including persons with disabilities
  • July / August 2011: Ramp-building ministries, disability awareness resource, annual TF meeting
  • June 2011: Members and work of the Disability Ministries Task Force
  • May 2011: Inclusive and accessible camping ministry models, regional camps, resources
  • April 2011: Churches with outreach ministries involving young adults with intellectual disabilities
  • March 2011: Disability Awareness Sunday, Disability Ministries Task Force, resources