Ways to Welcome All

alt text=Pastor greets person in wheelchair at eye level

As United Methodists, we are in ministry with people of all abilities and cultures,  and we want to enable full participation in worship and church activities. Here are examples of ways to be welcoming:

Etiquette and Communication

Etiquette may seem a formal term to portray the give and take of our communication with others. It feels like the right word to use to describe the thoughtful, considerate behavior we expect to receive from others and give to them. Learn ways to be welcoming when you are with a person who is blind, has vision loss, is deaf, is hard of hearing, has a mobility impairment or other physical disability, has a speech or language disorder, has an intellectual disability or is on the autism spectrum. We also offer a congregational survey to assist in finding, tracking, and evaluating fulfillment of accommodations.

Presentations and articles


Worship, Ministries, Accessibility and Classroom pages offer suggestions for specific occasions and various mental and physical disabilities.