Accessible and Inclusive Sermons

Alt Text= Pastor signs "God"
Reverend Tom Hudspeth of Lovers Lane UM Church signs during worship

Sermons give us something to think about or meditate on. The following sermons will assist United Methodists with understanding the scripture and disability, with calls to action. Please credit authors.

Prelude to a Sermon “It is easy for us to become preoccupied with our work, our family, our hobbies, and our own needs that we forget our essential call to be the body of Christ . . .” Reverend Eric Pridmore, April 2018

The Body Broken “The wounds were still there. Christ in his resurrected body still had those wounds. Why? Because they were part of who he was. Without them, he would have been someone else. . .” Deaconess and Lay Pastor Sharon McCart, (based on James 20) April 2018

Who Made Your Mouth “All people have differences, but they are all loved the same by God. We need to recognize and celebrate our differences. . .”  Reverend Deb Wade, (based on Exodus 4: 1-12 and includes American Indian and Alzheimer’s references) (2006 revised 2012)

Encountering the Disabled Christ, Mark 5.24-34: Lisa Hancock of Oak Lawn UMC gives the Martha Stearns Marshall Day of Preaching sermon at Royal Lane Baptist Church, Dallas TX (February 2020)

Finding a way to Jesus, Spirit of Hope UMC, Sharon McCart (November 2020)

God Made a Way and So Should We, Oak Chapel UMC, Leo Yates (August 2022)